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RESIDENTIAL - New Construction

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Service Availability 

DU provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater treatment services to customers in Decatur.
Not all services are available at every address within the city. You can view a map of each service area here. OR call Customer Service at 256-552-1400 Opt. 4 to determine which DU services are available at the address of your new construction.

Whether you are a contractor or an individual subcontracting your construction, follow these steps to apply for service:

  • Come to the Main Office at 1002 Central Parkway in Decatur.

  • Verify with Customer Service that the desired utility service is available at the new address.

  • Complete the application for service.


You will need to bring:


  • Your driver’s License or other Photo ID.

  • Your Social Security Card or other secondary ID.

  • Your purchase contract, warranty deed or settlement statement for property (if owned).

  • Your lease agreement (if renting).

  • Payment any applicable deposits and fees.

Electric Service

A temporary service pole will be installed at your location for use during construction. Upon completion, the service will be connected to your meter box following city inspection and approval.

  • Temporary Power

    • Deposit for temporary power - $200

    • Fee for install/removal of temporary service - $75 (billed to account)

    • Additional fee for temporary transformer - $500 (billed to account)

  • Construction Power

    • Engineering will calculate deposit for construction power

    • Please contact Customer Service at 256-552-1400 Opt. 4 with your location


Natural Gas Service

Once gas plumbing is complete and you have received a natural gas permit from the City of Decatur, DU will install your service line and set your gas meter. The City of Decatur building inspector will unlock the meter after final inspection.


Water Service

The water meter will be set and stubbed off until your plumber has completed work and has tied into the meter.


Wastewater Service

The wastewater tap will be installed and stubbed off until your plumber has completed work and has tied into the collection line.



DU does NOT provide garbage collection services. However, we do bill this service of the City of Decatur's Department of Street and Environmental Services. Charges for garbage pickup will automatically be included on your monthly billing statement. Have questions regarding garbage pickup services? Please call 256-341-4740.

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