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COMMERCIAL - Energy Right Solutions for Business and Industry

TVA Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry

Decatur Utilities and TVA EnergyRight® are here to help you make smart energy choices for your business. At you can find information on renewable energy, TVA's incentive offerings, and search our Preferred Partner Network (PPN) to find preferred contractors who can help with sound advice on energy investments and assist in applying for TVA incentive offerings as well as many other useful tools and tips. You can find all of this information at

TVA’s EnergyRight representatives are trusted experts in the field of wise energy use who can help you set and reach the energy goals that will help your business thrive. Ask about EnergyRight programs, learn about incentives available to you and more. To speak with a trusted energy advisor or to set up a consultation, contact:

Commercial & Small Industrial

Brent May


Large Industrial >5MW

Tim Campbell


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Incentives

Decatur Utilities would like to make you aware of a new technology called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) that is designed to fight COVID-19. TVA is currently offering an incentive toward the purchase/installation of UVGI in the HVAC ductwork system of your facility or facilities. 

Decatur Utilities customers who would like more information regarding this technology and the TVA incentive available can contact Debra Curtis at or 256-552-1466. 

We will put you in touch with the appropriate Energy Right contact at TVA to answer any additional questions and to help guide you through this process. 


View or download fact sheet on UVGI along with more information at the links below.


Link to TVA Energy Right UVGI page:


Link to UVGI informational video:

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