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Decatur Utilities (DU) is one of 154 local public power providers across the Tennessee Valley region. We purchase electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority and resell it to our residential, commercial and industrial customers. DU has the fifth-lowest electric rates among all TVA distributors. Approximately 87 cents of every dollar DU collects from its customers is paid to TVA to purchase electricity. DU operates and maintains its distribution system using the remaining 13 cents.

Reading Your Electric Meter

DU uses two types of electric meters - digital and mechanical dial.

  • Reading a digital meter

    • Simply read the meter left to right, just like the odometer on your car.​

    • This reading is 46,043.

    • Subtract current from previous reading to calculate the amount of electricity used.

  • Reading a mechanical dial meter

    • There are five dials numbered 0-9. Numbers go around the face clockwise on some dials and counterclockwise on other dials. Read dials left to right and write down the number that each hand has just passed - keeping in mind that dials two and three are numbered counter-clockwise!

    • This reading is 44,928.

      • Dial One = 4

      • Dial Two = 4

      • Dial Three = 9

      • Dial Four = 2

      • Dial Five = 8


Outdoor Security Lighting

DU offers LED dusk to dawn lighting for homes and small businesses at a low cost that provides light for safety and security. The light, controlled by a photocell, turns on at sunset and off at sunrise.


Installation options:

  • Fixture installed on an existing DU pole

  • Fixture installed on a new pole (pending access for a utility truck)

    • New wood poles are available in 30, 35 or 40-foot heights.


Both installation methods require a two-year lease contract stating that you will keep the light and pole for the duration of the contract by paying the monthly fee. The fee covers the cost of the light, pole and kilowatt-hours used each month and will be included with your total charge for electricity.


Note: For commercial applications, a professionally-designed lighting layout is recommended. Commercial accounts are limited to 2 lights. Other restrictions may apply. Please contact the DU Electric Engineering Dept. with any questions. Call 256-552-1400 Opt. 4 and ask for Electric Engineering.


DU will maintain the security light. If the light fails to work properly, contact us and a service technician will make repairs at no cost to you.


Please be advised that there is an additional one-time fee for all new pole installations, functional existing high pressure sodium to LED upgrades and new 250-watt equivalent LED fixtures as well as 400-watt equivalent Flood Fixtures. . 


For current security light rates, please visit this page.

Please contact our office at 552-1400 Opt. 4 and we will be happy to discuss the options and cost associated with each one. The standard security light requested by most customers is a 100 watt equivalent LED fixture.

Street Lights

Street lights are owned and paid for by the City of Decatur. Requests for street lights should be made to the Decatur Police Department. Contact  Capt. George G. Silvestri, Decatur Police, Operations and Fleet  at 256-341-4634.

Service Line Responsibility

TVA Energy Right Solutions Program

Electrical Safety

  • DU's safety tips for electricity can be found here.

Energy Efficiency

  • DU's energy efficiency tips can be found here.

TVA Complaint Resolution Process

If you experience a utility service-related problem:

  • Contact DU Customer Service at 256-552-1400 Opt. 4

  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution to issues related to your ELECTRIC service, you can contact TVA's Complain Resolution Process:

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