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Gas Leak Survey Begins

Decatur Utilities to begin 2023 natural gas system leak survey

Beginning Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Decatur Utilities will begin a quality control leak survey of the DU natural gas system to ensure public safety and the proper operation of gas lines and meters. This survey is required by the Federal Department of Transportation-Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) and The Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC).

As required annually, the survey will check for leaks in all natural gas mains and business/commercial service lines in Decatur. One-fifth of residential service lines are checked each year. This year’s residential survey area includes an area bordered by Auburn Dr. SW/Carridale St. SW on the south, Tennessee River on the north, Danville Rd./Memorial Dr. SW on the east and areas west along Hwy. 20 to Courtland. This area is represented in PURPLE on the map below.

This project will involve a slow-moving vehicle (approximately 5 MPH) in streets, alleys and highways throughout Decatur. A portion of the work may be conducted at night when traffic is lighter. Some parts of the gas system are only accessible by foot by a technician using handheld gas detection instruments.

The survey work will be conducted by Heath Consultants Inc. of Houston, Texas, a specialist in gas leak detection. Vehicles operated by Heath Consultants Inc. will have signs on the vehicle identifying the company and identifying them as an “Authorized Decatur Utilities Contractor.” In order to check for service line leaks, the Heath Consultants employee will require access to customer property and the gas meter. Heath Consultants employees will have identification and will explain their purpose for being on private property.

During this survey, gas leaks found on Decatur Utilities equipment will be repaired and gas service restored. If gas leaks found are not on Decatur Utilities equipment, the homeowner or business will be notified and gas service will be disconnected until repairs are completed by the homeowner or business.

It is anticipated this work will be completed by December 15, 2023.

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