TN Hands Free Law

TN Hands Free Law went into effect on July 1, 2019.

Drivers are prohibited from holding or physically supporting a phone while driving. Hands-free devices will be allowed, including "earpieces, headphone devices or a device worn on a wrist to conduct a voice-based communication," the legislation says. Dashboard mounts will also be allowed.

Amateur radio equipment is exempt from this law, however some amateur radio operators have reported that they have been stopped and issued a citation for violating the new law.

The following information has been sent out by TN ARES detailing the exemption of amateur radio equipment from the TN hands free law:
Message from TN ARES on hands free law.

All amateur radio operators in TN are encouraged to print this information and keep it in their vehicle. In the event you are pulled over for using your amateur radio equiment, you may be asked to provide information to show why you should not be cited.

Offical copy of TN Hands Free Law: