Amateur Radio License Plates

Effective May 23, 2018.

Tennessee Legislature eliminated the requirement for paying a $25 fee for amateur radio plates. You are no longer required to pay a $25 fee if you do not belong to ARES or are not on your county EMA director's list of emergency personnel.

Public Chapter 990 establishes that in order to obtain an amateur radio station license plate without having to pay an additional $25 fee, the registrant must show proof of credentials approved by the county emergency management director or a class license as an amateur radio operator issued by the FCC.

Available to: Tennessee residents who hold an official FCC-issued amateur radio license (unrevoked and unexpired).

Documentation Required: Application supported with copy of your FCC Amateur Radio license.

Cost: Annual fee of $29 (same as standard issue tags).

Option to Personalize: No.

To apply for Amateur radio license plates, download the application form here, fill it out and mail it in with a copy of your amateur radio license.

After sending the application in you will receive a confirmation by mail from the state in about 2 weeks. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the plates to be made and delivered to your county court clerk's office.

Information courtesy of: Tennessee Department of Revenue.